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"Broken" really does exemplify this piece. Your pain is felt through the haphazard yet purposefully placed color. The sad blue hues mir...

Photography Alex by alexlovesyou93

This piece, in my opinion, is the best you have so far. The dark backdrop blends perfectly with your graphic tee and raven-black hair. ...


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Hey! I'm a college freshman who loves the arts and sciences, reading, writing, being in nature/with animals, volunteering/working, sports, hanging with friends, etc. I'm goofy and random and adorkable. I enjoy both the complex simplicities and simple complexities in life, as well as everything in between. I post mainly poems and photos these days, along with journals about my wacky family and their zany antics. Let me know what you think!!

And stike up a random conversation! I love to talk, so yeah, hit me up ^_^ I'm a very open person, and anything you want to know, just ask! No worries... I don't bite! ..much. O.o Kidding! I'm kidding! Hugging, on the other hand, I will do quite often... :iconbummiesplz::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::icondummywooplz::iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3::iconinloveglomp-plz::hug::glomp::iconslipperyhugplz::iconredbullglompplz::tighthug::iconfurryglompplz::cuddle::icondragonglompplz::iconspiderglompplz::iconcat-glompplz::iconcreepglompplz::iconbeerglompplz::iconeatglompplz::iconclingplz::icontardglompplz::iconglompglompplz::iconbatglompplz::iconninjaglompplz::iconglitterglompplz::iconpancakeglompplz::iconlaglompplz::iconcuteglompplz::iconbunnyhugplz::iconfail-glompplz::iconhorseglompplz::iconpyroglompplz::iconglomglompplz::iconheartglompplz::iconcatglompplz::iconbunnyglompplz::iconbunnehglompplz::iconpumpkinglomp::iconskittlesglompplz::icongwompplz::iconfairyglompplz::iconhyperglompplz::iconlovehugplz::cuddle::huggle::iconsnugglesplz::iconbackhug::iconsnuddleplz::iconsnuggleplz::iconultraglompplz::iconlovecatsplz::iconnewglomp::iconsadhugplz::iconpounceglomp::iconattackglompplz::iconcocoglompplz::iconpuppyglompplz::iconpandaglompplz::iconcameraglompplz::icongrouphugplz::iconpikachuglompplz::iconkittyglompplz::iconnewhugplz::iconzombieglompplz::iconsuperglompplz::iconineedaglompplz::smooch:"5 second hug" contest entry by CookiemagiK:iconsuperheroglompplz::iconmatrixglomplz::iconcookieglompplz::iconcomfortplz::iconhugsareniceplz::cling::icontardhugplz::icondragonglomp::icondragonhug::iconspazhugplz::iconaawplz::iconsweethugplz::iconglompowlplz::icongiraffeglompplz::iconglitterglompplz:

Disclaimer! Please, please, please, PLEASE don't take it personally if I rave about your art, and don't put it in my Favorites. Please don't be offended! I have decided for now, because there is so much amazing art on here and impossible to put it all into my favorites, that I won't be putting anything into that category. If I love your work, I'll tell you and put a watch on you. Okie dokie? Thank you for listening and understanding! And please take no offense if I call you "dude" in a message; I call everyone dude for emphasis because they rock, regardless of the connotation of 'dude' :)

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...... NO TAGGING!!!!!!!!! I never do it and it is just irksome. Please and thank you for respecting this!!! Much appreciated :D
So we finished dinner and we're all just talking about random stuff.  My dad and I are sitting, and my mom is at the kitchen doorway.  She is about to head into the hall after my dad gave her playful grief about something, she says, "I need a vacation... far, far away".  All in good humor of course.

So I pipe in and say, with a big, cheesy grin plastered, "How about to Alaska?"

Mom: -.-
Me: But then you could be with Sarah Palin! *even bigger, cheesy grin*
     *gasps* You could hunt together!! :D *nods enthusiastically*
Mom: *dirty look* I'm menopausal.  Do you REALLY want to put a gun in my hand?
Me: *without hesitation* YUP!
Mom: The only thing I would be hunting is HER!

We all crack up at that.  My mom leaves to go to her sewing room.  Meanwhile my dad and I start up a scenario...

Dad: So I haven't seen your wife for a few days...
Me: Yes, she went on vacation to Alaska to hunt :)
Dad: Oh, what does she hunt?
Me: *another cheeky grin* Big game! :D

Then we start cracking up again, and I go to my mom to tell her our little scene... to which I receive a funny glare and an order to do my homework, which I don't start for another half hour :P

To continue my family's humorous, completely nonfiction tales, you can read about my dad, here:…
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  • Reading: What I write
  • Watching: The magical pixels appear O.o [as always]

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LastoftheWolves Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
HEYYYY! :D It's BlazeJuliaNightfury! X( I forgot the password to my account XD You can talk to me on here though! No promises I'll be writing any time soon, but we can start chatting again! I've missed you a lot my Kishan-sharing-buddy!
KinninKiago Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist… I would absolutely LOVE if you can give me your feedback as to what I can add/change if needed ! :heart: I'm so excited to be getting this on a roll finally :D 
KinninKiago Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Just checking in to see how you're doing :D 
QuirkyBrainiac Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HI!!!!!! :D :glomp:
KinninKiago Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How've you been ?! :D :heart: I haven't heard from you in forever!!!
QuirkyBrainiac Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
been alright, and you?  haha yeah, busy lives i guess :P 
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YokoSC Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
QuirkyBrainiac Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YokoSC Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how goes it? :)
QuirkyBrainiac Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
it goes.  you?
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